Believers’ Church International – Monterey Bay (BCI) Purpose:

  • Developing a bilingual Spirit-led Jesus Church that reaches the Monterey Peninsula and surrounding cities.

Believers’ Church International- Monterey Bay (BCI) Core Values:

  • The Word of God is infallible
  • Prayer is passionate and expectant
  • Healing is provided for in the Atonement
  • A culture of Worship and Praise
  • Believers’ fellowship is essential



Bryce and Dona Putnam and their two small children, Hannah and Seth, came to the Monterey Peninsula in 1984 from Fresno California. A word of prophecy was given to them in Fresno by Nita Johnson stating, ” You will be ministering on the West Coast and in many cities in three months”. That prophecy came to pass and has been in operation all these years since 1984.

Bay Believers’ Church, as it was called back then, began holding services at the YMCA of the Monterey Peninsula in June of 1984. From the beginning it has been a church of “preaching, teaching and healing”(Matt 4:23). The Church held services at the YMCA for eight years, moved to Del Rey Oaks for five years, on to Marina for nine years, then finally came to rest on Garden Road in Monterey by the airport.

Through all the years and location moves, the church experienced various high and lows. In time the church started attracting people of different countries and nationalities that were residing in the Monterey Peninsula area. The name of the church was changed in 2004 to Believers’ Church International to reflect the ethnicity of its members. Also during these years BCI developed world-wide missions trips under the direction of Pastor Dona. It touched many nations, and continues to touch many nations around the globe.

The Church at present is moving forward under the leadership of Pastors Bryce and Dona and the BCI Leadership Team. We continue to “preach, teach, and bring healings” to multitudes of people locally and internationally.